Gayheart Mensah Promises Radical Re-Organization Of GJA

A leading contestant in the race for a new President for the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr. Gayheart Mensah, is promising a radical reorganization of the GJA as a main selling point.

Mr. Mensah, who is campaigning under the slogan, #PowerUp, is among other things proposing to have the GJA organized in such a way that it will be a fearful critic of governments and policies.

To do this, he promises to reorganize the GJA’s Secretariat of he is elected as the next President.

“Our Secretariat should offer us the point at which journalism will reflect what this country is and it can only do that if it is positioned better…Where are we when Budget statements are read, where are we when Bills are presented to Parliament,’ he asked during a campaign tour stopover at Ghanaian Times.

Mr. Gayheart Edem Mensah is currently on an engagement tour of various media houses as part of his campaign for the Presidency of the GJA. The Media Consultant is in the race with two others – Mr. Dave Agbenu of the New Times Corporation and Mr. Albert Kwabena Dwumfuor of the Atinka Media Village.


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