Ex-gratia Wahala Hits Jubilee House Chief of Staff Locked in Toilet, Policeman Found Dead

Chief of Staff, Madam Frema Opare was reportedly locked up in a toilet for several minutes at the Lashibi Funeral Home last week. 

According to information gathered by Whatsup News from reliable Jubilee House sources, it took a “good Samaritan” to rescue the stunned Chief of Staff as a raging war over ex-gratia of security details at the Jubilee House hit a crescendo.

According to our sources, the Akufo Addo administration is paying hefty ex-gratia to security details who manned guarded the Jubilee House Executive in the first term of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration.

The National Security “Boys” at the Jubilee House are reportedly livid at the paltry ex-gratia handed them that they are threatening to “deal” with the Chief of Staff.

Their anger reportedly stems from the fact that one Wendy Sarpong, a special aide to the Chief of Staff was given a GHC 200,000 ex-gratia for the last four years and she is still at post.

Police and soldiers posted to the Jubilee House are reportedly earning up to GHC30,000 each while the National Security “boys”, mostly conscripted from the ruling party’s militia group Delta Force and Invisible Forces, we handed GHC 5,000.

The anger has reportedly escalated into threats at the Jubilee House and some of the security agents are planning a revolt or “industrial action” involving them not showing up at post and punishing any of their colleagues who do.

Already, one suspicious death at the “Flagstaff House” barracks is raising eyebrows.

On Friday morning Inspector Emmanuel Kofi Nunekpeku was found dead in his room, lying on his stomach on his bed.

According to reports, Sergeant Faustina Nunekpeku, the deceased’s wife, found him dead when she checked on him at Block E, Room 35.

The widow reported the occurrence to the Cantonments police who immediately launched an investigation into the mysterious death.

According to reports, they did not find any mark on the body to suggest foul play yet, but an autopsy report could give a better insight into the death.

Meanwhile, the deceased has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue for preservation and autopsy.


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