Burkina Faso Insurgents Invade Ghana From The North

A desperate police wireless message intercepted by Whatsup News shows that armed men, described by the Police as “bandits” have invaded some parts of the Upper East Region and have unleashed terror on some villages.
These bandits could be members of terrorist groups unleashing mayhem in the Sahel countries of Mali and Burkina Faso. Whatsup News has seen videos of thousands of fleeing refugees allegedly from Burkina Faso crossing into northern Ghana.

“Reports indicate that Burkina Faso-based bandits are allegedly launching attacks in communities along the Burkina Faso- Ghana are planning to launch attacks within the Bolgatanga townships and its environs, including areas in Tamale in the coming days,” the Police wire transmission read.
“Bandits suspected to be in possession of military-grade weapons may have already infiltrated Ghana at yet to be identified locations in the Northern Regions and they are poised to launch the attacks any moment from now.”

The Inspector-General of Police James Oppong-Boanuh has reportedly directly commanders in the catchment areas to increase patrols to quell the planned attacks.
The West African sub-region has been a hotspot for terrorist activities, particularly Boko Haram in Nigeria and a potpourri of terrorist groups in the Sahel regions of Mali and Burkina Faso. Ghana has been relatively safe from these groups, but for over two years now, security experts had warned that there was definitely going to be a spillover of these groups in Ghana.
Already, the Akufo Addo administration is on tenterhooks fearing that opportunistic interests could take advantage of the potential chaos to cause destabilization of the government and of the country in general.


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