Final LI To Allo Industrial Hemp Cultivation In Ghana Is Almost Ready-NACOC

Ghana is almost done with the legal framework that will allow the cultivation of low THC Industrial Hemp in the country, the Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC) has stated.

According to the Head of Communications and Media Relations at NACOC, Francis Opoku Amoah, the Commission is preparing to present a Legislative Instrument (LI) to Parliament, spelling out the details of how one can qualify to be awarded a license to grow the hemp in the country.

The LI had been gathering dust on the tables of the Attorney-General and the parliamentary committee responsible for discussing and passing it for several months now.

The LI will give a rigorous guideline that will ensure that growers only cultivate cannabis with THC content that is less than 0.3%, in keeping with the Narcotics Control Commission Act, 2020 (Act 1019), which was passed by Parliament on March 20, 2020 and assented to by the President on May 11, 2020.

Mr. Oppong Amoah explained that the Commission “is working hard to make sure that, it presents a solid Legislative Instrument that will reflect how the hemp industry will be regulated in the country.”

Already, an integrated industrial structure to capitalise on the multi-billion-dollar potential of industrial hemp had been waiting in the wings. Championed by the Hempire Agric Ghana Limited and the Hemp Association of Ghana (HAG), interested farmers across the country and from the diaspora have been streamlined and had only been hampered by the refusal of the legislature to give a green light to the final LI. 


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