Former Tema East MP Faults National Security Over CITI FM Journo Torture

Former Member of Parliament for Tema East in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Kwartei Titus Glover, has added his voice to the outpouring of rebuke for National Security over the swashbuckling arrest of a Citi FM journalist in his line of duty.

In an interview, Mr. Glover accuses the operatives from the infamous “Blue Gate” secretariat of the National Security of unnecessary zealotry that endangered the lives of citizens.

“I don’t agree with the way the national security stormed Citi FM. They could have taken their time, gone to the premises and sit down and dialogue with the managers of the station and explain that two of their staff have breached some laws for heads to cool down and not storm there with guns and put people’s lives at risk. It was just unnecessary,” he said.

Mr. Caleb Kudah and another colleague of his, Zoe Abu-Baidoo had been rounded up like criminals at the Adabraka office of Citi FM and subjected to hours-long interrogation over videos that Mr. Kudah had filmed of some abandoned State cars on the premises of National Security.

After he had filmed the vehicles, Mr. Kudah had forwarded the footage to Ms. Abu-baidoo hence the arrest of the lady.

Caleb Kudah would later reveal that he had been handcuffed and slapped while one Lt. Col. Agyeman had made him kneel and then kicked him in the groin.

As part of the harrowing experience, he narrates, he was subjected to ethnic profiling and had to lie about his tribe for fear of receiving more beatings.

The top hierarchy of National Security has promised to probe the allegations but has been quick to accuse Mr. Kudah of gaining access to the premises of the facility where he filmed by means of false pretense.


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