McDan Shipping Boss Puts Soldiers On Land Guard Duties At Ada

The CEO of McDan Shipping company Limited, Dr. Daniel McKorley, has reportedly deployed heavily armed soldiers around a swathe of land that he controversially acquired at Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

And in their glorified land guard duties, the overzealous soldiers are brutalizing unarmed civilians WhatsUp News has gathered, in what has become a typical land-grabbing trend increasingly being associated to appointees and cronies of the Akufo Addo government.

According to Whatsup News sources, the controversial shipping magnate has been constrained to use hard-knock soldiers to guard his lands in Ada because he acquired the lands rather notoriously.

Dr. McKorley is said to have gotten a few of the chiefs in the area to sign a memorandum of understanding that cedes 12 acres of the people’s land to him. 

Without all the traditional rulers in the area being agreeable to the MoU, the controversial acquisition of the 12 acres added to the notoriety surrounding his earlier acquisition of some 138acres through the Lands Commission.

Key among the people protesting the ceding of Ada lands to the man who was recently in the news for allegedly sponsoring bloody gun attacks on unarmed civilians over the Songhor Lagoon is Nene Songhor, the Spiritual Head of Songhor.

Apparently, it is in response to the resistance of the likes of Nene Songhor that Dr. McDan has deployed the place with heavily armed soldiers.

Reportedly, the deployment of the soldiers on land guard duties has been explained as a move by the Akufo-Addo government to provide security ahead of the Safotufiam festival of the people there.

But people of the area who spoke to WhatsUp News have pooh-poohed the excuse saying there is no reason to stampede the area with soldiers because there is no imminent security risk whatsoever.


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