AG Yeboah Dame Sets Time Bomb For Ghanaian Muslims -Rolls Out “Evil Plot” To impose Chief Imam Successor

Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame

The Muslim Community is simmering with explosive anger as it becomes apparent to some that the Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame and the Akufo Addo administration may have aligned with certain individuals in the Islamic community in an “evil plot” to secretly pick a successor to the current National Chief Imam seat for the Muslim community.

This is based on the calculations that the current Chief Imam Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu. who recently clocked 102 years old may not have much time left. 

The Attorney General had made a wrong move by excitedly trumpeting his meeting with a rival to the current chief Imam and how they discussed a succession plan for him.

The potential blow over of his unguarded announcement by Godfred Yeboah had forced him to quickly delete the Tweeter post he made on April 20, 2021. 

In that tweet, he excitedly announced his meeting with the Supreme Leader of Tijaniyyah Muslim Council, Shiekh Khalifa Ahmad Abdul Fadi Adbulai Maikano Jallo to discuss the succession for the centenarian Chief Imam.

Whatsup News has seen the tweet from screen captures made before it was deleted. In it, a blushing Godfred Yeboah wrote: “It was a real honour to host the supreme leader of Tijaniyyah Muslim Council, Shiekh Khalifa Ahmad Abdul Fadi Adbulai Maikano Jallo Today. The visit was to bring up the need for a succession plan for National Chief Imam, a concern I have noted and called for continued unity.”

When his Twitter page was double-checked today (April 27, 2021), he had deleted the highly inflammable Twitter post. But luckily, internet archives and google searches revealed that that tweet was indeed made by the AG on his personal Twitter account as well as the Facebook account of the Attorney General’s Department. That post has also been deleted on Facebook.

According to angry insiders from the Muslim community, Sheik Khalifa Abdulai comes across as someone who is rivaling the current Chief Imam and angling to succeed him, a plan his brother, Sheik Ali Ahmed doesn’t support (reportedly going by an admonition their father gave before passing). 

“The succession of the National Chief Imam a very important matter must be handled carefully and strategically. Abdul Faid for very obvious reasons has no place in the handling of such issues and state officials such as the AG must know this by now. Continued engagement with him may instigate actions and activities that won’t augur well for Ghanaian Moslems,” an insider told Whatsup News.

Meanwhile, a bizarre armed robbery case saw the assassination of Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano Jallo, the popular son of late Ghanaian Tijaniyya Cleric Ahmed Maikano Jallow of Prang whom some section of the Muslim community were considering as a potential successor to the Chief Imam Sheikh Osumanu Sarubutu.

Ahmed Maikano Jallo’s assassination has raised suspicion within the Muslim community as well as the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) which thinks the incident was not random but premeditated.  

“The NDC considers the news report that the Shiekh met his untimely demise in an armed robbery attack as most painful, suspicious and worrying, as it further goes to deepen the general state of insecurity in the country,” the tempered statement from the NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia read.

Even stranger is the content of the controversial secret strategic blueprint called “Agyapadie” reportedly composed by the inner sanctum of the Akufo Addo administration, where its stated on Page 24 and Page 25 that the Akyem hegemony headed by President Akufo Addo intends to impose their choice on who becomes the next Chief Imam.

That Agyapadie blueprint was signed by Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, so far, since the explosive document leaked, the Akyem hegemony within the ruling party has neither denied nor confirmed the document’s authenticity. Incidentally, a number of the plans contained in the document have already manifested in the past four years of the Akufo Addo government. 

In the section that talked about the succession plan for the Chief Imam, the Agyapadie document stated: “Government must prepare an exit plan for the National Chief Imam. This has become necessary in view of the fact that the demise of his deputy has created a vacancy. The intense lobbying by the other Muslim leaders should be properly handled in the face of the promises we have made to each of them. Government will need to find a discreet way of influencing the process of the appointment of the next National Chief Imam as well as the Deputy.”


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