I Scam Fools Who Come To Me For Ritual Money …celebrity juju priestess

Popular voodoo priestess, Nana Agradaa, has confessed to being a rip-off merchant, saying her numerous clients who patronize her services for money-doubling rituals are just fools that she scams.

In an interaction with Kumawood actor turned talk show host, Kwaku Manu, the controversial voodoo priestess explains that scamming fools looking for quick money is a reward that smart people in the commercial voodoo business earn for their smartness.

“A poor voodoo priest is the priest whose voodoo is unintelligent. In addition to planting the voodoo spirit, you the priest yourself too must have something (sense) in you to work with” she said.

According to the woman who lives like a Rock star and engages in open battles with self-styled clerics, people looking for quick money are fair game for scamming because even the Bible endorses the scam of such people.

“The Bible has said, “the fool will work hard and by the sweat of his brow, carry all the riches of his home to a wise man,”’ she said in Twi, affirming to Kwaku Manu that people who come to her for the money rituals are suchlike fools as the Bible speaks about.

Nana Agradaa’s revelation is coming in the wake of the dastardly murder of a ten-year-old in Kasoa, Central Region by two teenagers, who carried out the murder after they had allegedly encountered another voodoo priestess on television.

The teenagers are said to have believed the priestess when she said she could turn them into billionaires overnight if only they would provide human parts for the blood money ritual.

Nana Agradaa is also popular on television with a supposed hit product called ‘sika gari’ (money gari). The TV series is basically to demonstrate that through her voodoo service, she can make people rich overnight.

However, according to the controversial witch doctor, her money ritual service is fake and part of her scheme to scam fools who really believe they can become rich overnight.

“Ritual money is common sense,” she tells Kwaku Manu, adding that the sharp practice is a very safe way to make money as it walks the fine line of the law. “Have you ever seen the Police deal with spiritual matters? Have you ever seen the court adjudicate a spiritual matter? So if you go and you lose money, why will you go there and demand that they see to your issue for you? No one will mind you.”


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