Malawi To Destroy More Than 16,000 Expired COVID-19 Vaccines

Malawi has decided to destroy more than 16,000 coronavirus vaccines supplied to it after they reached their expiry date.

Ghana is also set to get rid of thousands of vaccines that will expire completely by Friday, April 16, 2021.

This has been confirmed by a Health Ministry representative, Charles Mwansanbo

 “We have used most of the vaccines sent by the AU. On Tuesday, when they expired, there were only 16,400 left that had not been used, which will now be destroyed and thrown away,” Mr. Mwansanbo is quoted as saying.

The vaccines were among the 102,000 doses sent by the African Union (AU) three weeks ago.

Malawi has so far received 530,000 doses through the Covax global initiative, the AU and the Indian government.

The health ministry says 300,000 people have so far been vaccinated and hopes to reach 11 million people so as to be “sufficiently protected”, AFP reports

Meanwhile, yesterday, authorities in Ghana’s Northern Region also announced a constraint to destroy some 20,000 vaccines after they reached their expiry dates.


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