“Libido Mafia” Witch-hunts Multi-Million-Dollar Ghanaian Mining Company -In Peter Amewu’s Love Affair

The mafia-like operations of the National Security have taken a new turn, as it takes upon itself duties of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to demand tax returns from the CEO of a company whose wife the Minister of Railway, John Peter Amewu is reportedly having an affair with.

Whatsup News is in possession of voice recordings revealing how Peter Amewu is suspected to be amorously involved with one Angela List, the wife of Paul Edward List, the Australian-Ghanaian Executive Chairman of mining company BCM Ghana Limited.

In a rather strange show of power, the Acting National Security Coordinator, Maj. General Adu Amanfo on March 23, 2021, listed 12 sensitive company records that Mr. List must submit to the National Security. This was shortly after Mr. Paul List had confronted Peter Amewu over his reported amorous affairs with his wife.

Importantly, Angela List runs BCM with her husband and owns 30% in the multi-million-dollar company.

In his strange request which is traditionally under the purview of either the GRA or upon specific orders from the courts, Maj. General Amanfo gave Paul List five days to produce to the National Security documents such as all of the company’s contract documents, the company’s payroll records with a full list of all of its staff; tax records; audited accounts; debtors ledgers and suppliers records.

Additional documents demanded by the National Security also include stock records of the company, expenses ledger, and Directors’ assessment and VAT returns.

The National Security claims BCM was evading tax hence the request. In the March 23, 2021 letter from the agency intercepted by Whatsup News, Maj. Gen. Adu Amanfo wrote: “With regards to ongoing investigations into claims of tax evasion, you are by this letter, requested to submit the following documents to the office of the National Security Coordinator by close of business day, Monday 29th March 2021.”

 Prior to that letter and shortly after Paul List had confronted Peter Amewu about his affairs with his wife, National Security operatives laid ambush for him at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on March 10, 2021, when he was returning from a business trip. 

According to lawyers of Paul List, Robert Smith Law Group, in a March 11, 2021 letter written to the National Security Coordinator and copied to the Australian High Commission in Ghana, the BCM boss was immediately arrested without telling him his offence.

The operatives wrestled his laptop from him, even though he continuously warned them about the illegality of confiscating his business computer without any warrant or charge.

Paul List will later be bundled into a waiting unmarked vehicle and taken to the Blue Gate office of the security agency, where his lawyers said he was subjected to a gruelling bout of interrogations that lasted about four hours, an encounter that drove the blood pressure of the 75-year-old list through the roofs and requiring him to be admitted in a hospital.

The letter from his lawyers reads in part: “On our Client’s return to Ghana on 10th of March 2021 from a business trip, he was “arrested” at the Kotoka International Airport at around 9.00 pm by persons who introduced themselves as National Security Operatives. When the undersigned person spoke to the leader of the team, he introduced himself as Mr. Ivan Opoku and gave his telephone number as 0299000900.”

BCM, a mining and civil engineering company has been operating in the country for about 30 years now with a net worth of some US$250 million. Angry sources close to Paul List laments how the unbridled desires of a minister of state is driving such an important asset in the country into the woods with the arbitrary use of security agencies.

Critics point out that the National Security is sending a bad signal through the investment community that it could arbitrarily usurp the institutional structures in the country and witch-hunt any business at its whims.   

Our investigations revealed that when Mr. List is currently living in fear and suspecting that he may be a potential candidate for elimination for standing his grounds against the minister who is attempting to appropriate his wife of 22 years. 

Whatsup News is in possession of voice recordings of a confrontation between Mr. Amewu and the estranged husband. All attempts by Whatsup News to get Peter Amewu to explain his side of the story has turned out fruitless as he refused to answer his calls or return text messages sent to him directly.

In recordings obtained surreptitiously by Whatsup News, Paul List is heard confronting Amewu for spending all his productive time with his wife in her office, sometimes till midnight. He lamented how his wife had refused to cook for her kids at home, due to the sizzling affair.

Paul List and Angela have two kids together, but investigations by Whatsup News reveals that Mr. Amewu’s relationship with Angela List had virtually forced her to abandon her kids as he captured her complete attention.

 In a text message to Mr. Amewu, Whatsup News wrote: “Good Afternoon sir… I am the Editor of Whatsup Newspaper. I want to talk to you about some allegations regarding you and Paul/Angela List and some National Security operations. I need to hear your side of the story to enable me have an informed appreciation of the matter.” The message was not acknowledged, including follow-up calls.


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