Amewu Seizes Wife Of Ailing White Man At “Gunpoint”

Investigations by Whatsup News have revealed a disturbing mafia-like amorous affair between the Minister of Railways, John Peter Amewu and the wife of Paul Edward List, an Australian-Ghanaian businessman who is currently fearing for his life because he suspects Amewu may attempting to eliminate him.
Angry friends of Paul List have likened the mafia-like incursion into Mr. List’s home to how Mr. Amewu caused the seizure of excavators from illegal miners “Galamsey” while serving as the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

Mr. List is the Executive Chairman of BCM Ghana Limited, a mining and civil engineering company that had been operating in the country for about 30 years now. Our investigations revealed that when Mr. List confronted the Minister about his reported affairs with his wife, National Security operatives were set on his trial as insiders worry that Mr. Paul List may be eliminated soon to cover up the scandal.

Whatsup News is in possession of voice recordings of the confrontation between Mr. Amewu and the estranged husband whose wife, Angela Diala List runs his business with him and owns 30% in BCM.

Whatsup News had fruitlessly tried to reach Mr.Peter Amewu to clarify the murky affair. He refused to answer his calls and ignored text messages sent to him by this publication.

In any case, Whatsup News can report that men believed to be operatives of the National Security recently broke into the offices of Paul List, apparently looking for evidence he may be holding against his wife’s randy suitor.

Sources close to Paul List also tell Whatsup News that the break-in was also an attempt to obtain sensitive company documents to implicate the embattled husband, and possibly give his alleged cheating wife some leverage on the company that was registered in Ghana in 1990.

Not long thereafter, on his return from a trip outside Ghana, the 75-year-old Paul List was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) by these National Security operatives who appear to have been activated only because of the extra-marital love affair between Peter Amewu and Angela List.

In an intercepted letter March 11, 2021, written to the National Security Coordinator and copied to the National Security Minister, Albert Kan-Dapaah and the Australian High Commission, lawyers for Paul List recounted the “traumatic” arrest of Paul List on the night of March 10 and how the National security officers virtually arm-twisted the aging businessman for his laptop.

The letter reads in part: “On our Client’s return to Ghana on 10th of March 2021 from a business trip, he was “arrested” at the Kotoka International Airport at around 9.00 pm by persons who introduced themselves as National Security Operatives. When the undersigned person spoke to the leader of the team, he introduced himself as Mr. Ivan Opoku and gave his telephone number as 0299000900.”

According to Robert Smith Law Group, the attorneys of Paul List, their client was bundled into a waiting vehicle and zoomed off to the Blue Gate outpost of the National Security and detained him there for over four hours while subjected him to gruelling interrogations about his business.

Paul List would later be released some after the supposed National Security operatives had illegally seized his business laptop. 

Later, on March 23, 2021, the National Security Coordinator, Major General Francis Adu Amanfo would write to the BCM boss and list a dozen company documents that he must submit to the National Security for probing, including all his contract documents, tax records, audited accounts, VAT returns, payslips of workers, among several others.

Sources close to Paul List who spoke to Whatsup News revealed that the coincidence was uncanny because other than his brush with Amewu, there was absolutely no reason why such a witch-hunt should be mounted on him.

The National security coordinator gave Paul List till March 29, 2021, to submit all the requested documents, but his lawyers have written to Maj. Gen. Amanfo that their client would be unable to meet the deadline because the 75-year-old had spiked his blood pressure during his Hollywood-styled arrested and had been admitted to the hospital. 

“Unfortunately, due to the traumatic experience at the hands of these operatives, our Client suffered high blood pressure and had to be rushed to the Lister Hospital…Due to our client’s medical condition, he is unable to go to the office to obtain these documents…”

Meanwhile, earlier in October 2020, Angela List resigned from BCM as Manager responsible for Finance and Administration of the company but maintained her 30% stake in the company, apparently in a pre-conceived plan towards using state apparatus to wrestle the multi-million-dollar BCM from the hands of her husband.

It is believed that at the time, she was seeing Amewu at odd hours.

The Paul and Angela have two kids together, but investigations by Whatsup News reveals that Mr. Amewu’s relationship with Angela List had virtually made her abandon her kids as he captured her complete attention.

In recordings obtained surreptitiously by Whatsup News, Paul List is heard confronting Amewu for spending all his productive time with his wife in her office, sometimes till midnight. He lamented how his wife had refused to cook for her kids at home, due to the sizzling affair.

Incidentally, this issue is the second time in the past month that the National Security has been reportedly used by its assets to settle relationship scores, as the security agency increasingly descends into pettiness.

About a week ago, investigations by Whatsup News revealed how one Okyere Dacosta, believed to be responsible for auctioning confiscated vehicles of the National Security, ordered a goon squad of operatives to attack his ex-girlfriend at Community 25 in Tema, for jilting him. 


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