Allotey Jacobs Cursed By Central NDC Women With Schnapps And Crocodile Eggs

Bernard Allotey Jacobs, former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress

The Cape Coast South Women’s Wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has banished from the party, the former Central Regional Chairman of the NDC, Bernard Allotey Jacobs.

The women saw him off with curses using crocodile eggs and schnapps. This follows the dismissal of the embattled Allotey Jacobs by the national leadership of the party.

Branch Women’s Organizer of the Cape Coast South NDC, Ekua Hallam, who led the ostracism ceremony, warned Allotey Jacobs to stay away from the NDC and that even if he sees anything related to the party passing by him, he should not dare cast a glance.

Akua Hallam would later lead a symbolic sweeping with a broom to signify that Allotey Jacobs’s banishment is good riddance for the Cape Coast South NDC.

The crocodile egg and the bottle of Schnapps were then used to seal Allotey Jacobs’ exit.

“I thank Chairman Ofosu Ampofo and General Secretary Asiedu Nketia for dismissing Allotey Jacobs from the top so that we those down here too can get rid of him,” Akua Hallam would tell the press.

She accused Allotey Jacobs of behaving like an ungrateful camel, using the NDC and former President John Mahama’s name to enrich himself only to turn round and betray the NDC to the New Patriotic Party.

As part of his profiteering activities, Akua Hallam said Allotey Jacobs had put together a scheme in which he collected Ghc200 each from all the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in the Central Region when the NDC was in power.

Meanwhile, on his way to becoming Central Regional Chairman, she said Allotey Jacobs had bad-mouthed the then Chairman of the NDC in the Central Region, Adu Yeboah, using the name of former President Mahama’s name. 

“Allotey came with the name of John Mahama claiming John Mahama had instructed that he should be voted for as Chairman of the NDC in Central Region, saying Adu Yeboah was not good. Meanwhile, Adu Yeboah had secured 16 seats for us. However, after Allotey had become Chairman, he only managed to secure just three seats. So, between Adu Yeboah and Allotey, who has been resourceful to the NDC more? And now he wants to disgrace John Mahama too. Me and my women will not agree,” Hallam charged.

Last week, the National leadership of the NDC sacked Allotey Jacobs for his disrespect and anti-party activities recently.

This was after Allotey Jacobs had turned himself into a crusading Judas against his own party after the NDC had lost the 2016 elections and come into opposition.

Following the 2020 election, in which the Electoral Commission controversially called for President Akufo-Addo amidst broad daylight rigging and killings, Allotey Jacobs has praised every action by the NPP and criticized every action by the NDC.

Meanwhile, sources have explained that the reason for Allotey Jacobs’ turned allegiance is that he has received juicy contracts within the local fuel sector from the Akufo-Addo government and that his crusade for the NPP is to protect the source of his bread and butter.


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