Ken Agyapong Threatens Joe Anokye

Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong, has threatened to make life unbearable for the head of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Joe Anokye, if Anokye does not shed supposed disrespectful airs about him.

On his TV station, Net 2, Ken Agyapong swore to God that he and others will not allow Anokye to have peace if he does not stop disrespecting party people who go to the NCA, apparently for favors.

“I am talking to Anokye, he has to be careful with the people he works with and the instructions he gives. If anybody undermines NPP, then he, we will not allow him to be comfortable. I don’t fear him. He is my friend but I don’t fear him,” Agyapong fumed.

“If he sits there and does not see to his job well and puts up his secretary to disrespect any party member, Anokye won’t find it easy, I swear to God, because we will not allow that,” Mr. Agyapong said in an admixture of Twi and English.

He adds that “we have spent a hell of money on this party for people just to assume power and disrespect party people…”

It is not clear what the bone of contention is. Joe Anokye is notoriously speculated as the NPP’s IT genius who reportedly helps the party to rig elections by hacking into Electoral Commission’s election electronic systems to change figures during elections.


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