NIB Runs From Vanished £2 million -As Rabid Lawyer Launches Attacks In Hiding

An irate lawyer of the National Investment Bank (NIB) has dodged attempts by Whatsup News to unravel the strange disappearance of a whopping £2 million from the vaults of the state-owned bank.

Richard D. Amofa had been peeved by a teaser done by Whatsup News on February 9, 2021, after this publication had intercepted copious documents and had followed an intricate paper trail showing that some top executives at the bank may have pocketed the huge funds.

Mr. Amofa had today scheduled a meeting with Whatsup News about the story, but when this publication got to his office, he had sneaked out and had rather sent his wide-eyed assistant to spill bile and threats at Whatsup News.

Whatsup News is in possession of documents including some from the Ministry of Interior, Swift Advice from the sender of the money and a lawsuit against the NIB Bank by the Kenya-based Imperial Bank Limited for the alleged siphoning of the money into their personal accounts by some executives at NIB.

The cabal within the banking sector that reportedly stole the money is now using all tricks to cover up their tracks. 

The threats by the NIB lawyer to sue Whatsup News for uncovering the scam at NIB are seen by reliable sources who are aware of the scam at the bank as one of the tactics to cover up the grand conspiracy. 

The story of the money entails a Ghanaian man (name withheld for now) winning a case in the UK which opened the door for the Kenyan Government to also receive restitution of GBP20million from the UK government in 2016.

The share of the Ghanaian recipient of the funds is £2 million. But as soon as the money hit the Kwame Nkrumah Avenue branch of the NIB bank on February 9, 2020, hawkish bankers swooped down on the money and quickly disposed of it, denying the recipient his funds.

The money is currently nowhere to be found as the Ghanaian recipient stands traumatised and devastated by the dubious deals within the Ghanaians banking industry that allow bankers to simply shave off funds of their customers for their personal use.

When Whatsup News first hinted of this story on February 9, 2021, Richard Amofa wrote to the publication, issuing all sorts of threats and flatly denying the allegations.

“We wish to state without any equivocation that the contents of your newspaper publication…are untrue and have exposed the bank to public ridicule and opprobrium.”

He went ahead to threaten Whatsup News to retract the publication otherwise, “We have the bank’s instructions to institute legal action against you for the recovery of damages…”

Incidentally, when Whatsup News cross-checked the source of the said rejoinder from Richard Amofa, officials from the public relations department told Whatsup News that they had no idea how that rejoinder was composed, in what was a strange corporate culture.


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