Vaccinated Americans Allowed To Meet Up Without COVID-19 Masking

US health authorities have announced Americans can start enjoying the low-hanging fruits from COVID-19 vaccinations after some 30 million received the jab.

Those who have received the required vaccination can meet with others who have also received vaccination and not bother wearing masks.

Also, even people in the same households who have not received vaccination but have low-risk of having the virus can freely co-mingle with the vaccinated without the need for masks.

This is according to new guidelines announced at the White House on Tuesday by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Per the guidelines, people are considered protected two weeks after they take the final dose of their vaccine.

The recommendations specify that fully vaccinated Americans can: meet indoors with other fully vaccinated people without masks or social distancing; meet indoors with unvaccinated people from a single household, if they are at low risk for severe illness from the virus and also, skip testing or quarantine when exposed to Covid-19 unless symptoms appear.

However, they should continue to; void non-essential travel and large crowds and also continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing in public.

The CDC however warns that there is still a risk that vaccinated people could spread the disease to the unvaccinated people, as data on this remains sparse.

 Consequently, the new guidelines in particular call for mask-wearing and distancing from those who are unvaccinated and may be at an elevated risk of serious Covid-related complications.


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