IMANI Vice President Questions Govt’s Rip-Off Price For COVID-19 Vaccine

Mr. Bright Simons

Mr. Bright Simons, Vice President of Civil Society Organization, IMANI Africa, has questioned a rip-off price per dose that Government has quoted as what it has agreed to pay for the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a tweet Saturday, Mr. Simons points out that Ghana’s price tag of US$10 per dose is several times higher than what most countries around the world are paying for the same vaccine.

“Kenya is paying $3 per dose for its vaccines (with an additional $0.07 planned for logistics). South Africa paid $5.25. Most EU countries are paying around $2.16 (but because of volume & bargaining power issues there, let’s discount). Why is Ghana budgeting $10 per dose?” he questioned.

Per his analysis, the Akufo-Addo government has agreed to pay more than three times what Kenya has agreed to pay, almost two times what South Africa has agreed to pay and almost more than five times what EU countries have agreed to pay per dose.

The cut-throat offering to Ghanaians in respect of vaccine price follows a whopping US$150 that the same government had forced inbound travelers to Ghana to pay for COVID-19 tests at the Kotoka International Airport, while most countries were charging US$50.

Meanwhile, anti-COVID-19 vaccination protests are scheduled to begin in March.


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