GWCL’s Reopening In Limbo After 19 Coronavirus Infections

It is not clear if the planned reopening of the headquarters of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) will happen this week.

This is because there are reports of staff trauma and fear among management that reopening just a week after the closedown might not be a good idea.

Last week, the GWCL office reportedly closed down under a somewhat hush-hush condition after 19 staff were detected to have caught the deadly virus.

The infections were revealed in a mass test that had been conducted at the Head Office for over 200 staff. It is not clear if all of these staff have been properly quarantined and the necessary contact tracing, undertaken.

The development also happened in the wake of a former Managing Director of the company, Kwaku Botwe, reportedly dying of the virus after catching it in Turkey where he had traveled on a business trip.


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