Otukonor’s Driver Released Without Charge

The driver of the Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Boamah Otukonor, has been released by the National Investigation Bureau (NIB), formerly BNI, which had curiously arrested him yesterday.

His release, according to reports quoting Mr. Otukonor was unconditional and without any charge.

The victim’s name is given as Eric Adoglah. Mr. Adoglah had suddenly been taking in by the NIB, formerly BNI, supposedly in connection with the recent spell of market fires around the country.

However, Mr. Otukonor has since rubbished the allegation that the NDC is behind the market fires. “The people we’re fighting for are those who are selling on the market. We’ll not do anything that will hurt them. So anything that has been said by the NPP should be treated with the contempt that it deserves,” Otukonor is quoted as saying.

Following the arrest, Lawyer for the victim, Victor Kojogah Adawudu, had remonstrated about the NIB’s refusal to give him access to his clients and alleged that Mr. Adoglah was being tortured in a secret location.

It is not clear if the victim has since confirmed this. Meanwhile, another report by a pro-government newspaper, Daily Guide, to the effect that a second suspected arsonist had been arrested by the Accra Regional Police command has been debunked by the Police as a concoction.

Mr. Otukonor points out that the arson story is a cook up by the ruling NPP as part of a choreography of lies to divert attention from the NDC’s protests over the results of the 2020 elections which are perceived to have been largely rigged.

However, he said, the diversion will not succeed. “The subversion of the will of Nkrumah’s Ghana would be reversed. We shall use every legitimate means and we shall protest and protest and protest. We have notified them; we’ve given them a working notification that from 20th to 10th of January we’re in permanent protests and they should watch out for us anywhere. We can gather anywhere and we can express our disquiet in any form but we will do it very peacefully.” 


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