Ashantis In New Edubiase Tell Ewes And Northerners To Leave

A campaign has started in New Edubiase in the Ashanti Region to have people of Ewe and Northern extraction ostracized from the area purely on ethnic grounds.

Natives are publicly calling Voltarians and Northerners strangers who do not deserve to register as voters on Ashanti land and have embarked on public harassment of their victims.

Video footages of the ethnocentric outbursts have gone viral on social media with Ashantis captured openly calling Ewes and Northerners unwelcome strangers on Ashanti land.

These aggressors are storming registration centres and physically preventing perceived Ewes and people from the three Northern Regions from registering onto the new voters roll is compiled by the Electoral Commission.

As they go after victims, they shout obscenities at them.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), which says it has collected some of the footages told journalists in Accra, it has made reports to the Police about the attacks, but the Police have refused to do anything about them.


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