MMT Staff Hit With Pay Troubles

Staff of the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) have been told by management that there is no money to pay their salaries for August.

In a situation that is increasingly becoming a norm, staff began receiving their July salaries in the middle of September, and even that one, the pay-outs were queued.

An 11th September memo to staff from management said Management is doing everything in its power to find money to pay staff and to ensure that payments are effected on time and that staff may have to get used to going for months without pay.

“This is to inform workers that it is the greatest desire of Management to pay workers’ salaries for the months of July and August 2020 together and all efforts are being made in that regard,” the MMT management explained.

However, whilst waiting for the expected support to accomplish this objective, Management has decided to start with the payment of July 2020 salaries to mitigate the financial burden on workers while “efforts to secure funds to absorb all outstanding salary obligations of the company continue,” the memo said.

The gloomy memo was signed by the Human Resource Manager, Eric Otu.

The unpaid salary issues of MMT have refused to go away since staff in Kumasi and Accra went on strike over salary delays months ago. Management had blamed the delays on a slowdown in business due to Covid-19 and had in a memo issued a veiled threat that staff who kept on complaining could be sacked.

Some of the striking staff had eventually been interdicted.


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