Ghana Diaspora Develops Discount Electronic Payment Service Card

It appears an African answer to popular electronic pay card service, Visa has been birthed after some Ghanaians in the diaspora developed the “Africa Discount Card.”

The card which was released in October 2019, but is making its way to Ghana currently, is the front end to a payment service that that will allow Africans with no credit cards to make virtual payments.

According to the African Discount Card Ltd., a UK based company behind the card, the Africa Discount Card is the first and only card that links businesses in Africa and the Diaspora by giving cardholders a discount when they use the services or buy goods from partnering businesses.

Areas of usage include the purchase of air tickets for travel to Africa and the purchase of goods in African markets in the diaspora.

Like Visa, the Africa Discount Card Ltd is networked around countries like Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania and works in Uganda, Congo, Senegal, UK and with online partners based in the USA. Essentially, the card has over 30 partnering countries and organisations.

 “…Outside Africa, gradually over the last few years, the interest in the continent and African products has been heightened, with many companies springing up in the Diaspora to serve those looking for a bit of Africa in their homeland…it is against this background and in the spirit of Pan-Africanism that owned by Ghanaians, have developed Africa Discount Card in October 2019,” a company bulletin said.


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