Ghanaian Pastor Who Shot Wife In The US May Get Death Penalty Or 145 Yrs In jail

…wife was allegedly bonking Church Choir Director

Sylvester Ofori, the Ghanaian Pastor who shot his wife to death in Florida, USA, is likely to get the Capital Punishment, according to reports.

What this means is that he faces the likely hood of being singed in an electrical chair, facing firing squad, lethal injection, decapitation or the hangman’s noose.

If he escapes execution, then he is likely to face 145 years in prison with hard labor, for putting seven bullets into his own wife.

The information is coming from investigative media outlets in the US who are pointing out that Florida’s continuation to be one of a few US States which still have Capital punishment in their criminal codes means that the Ghanaian preacher is likely to be in for the ultimate.

According to reports, the trial judge has taken the position that the murder was not only dastardly, but premeditated because Pastor Sylvester Ofori, could have backed off after shooting his wife, Barbara Tommey, for the first time, but rather closed in and put six more bullets in her.

Capital Punishment has been part of Florida’s criminal penalty system since 1979 when it was first applied for the execution of a murderer and has since remained in the State’s penalty codes in spite of campaigns by the United Nations and Civil Society Organizations, including Amnesty International, for the abolishment of the death penalty in the world. 

The last time the death penalty of Florida was handed down was last year, when two people, Bobby Lowlong, and Garry Ray Boss were executed for murder. Lowlong had allegedly murdered 15.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the reason for the murderous shooting of Preacher’s Wife, Barbara Tommey, 35, was because she was cheating on the husband.

According to reports, Barbara was pregnant at the time of her shooting, but not for her husband. She was pregnant for Choir Master of the Church that Sylvester Ofori Pastored.

The man of God was said to have been incensed when his wife, sent him nude pictures and video that she had intended for the Choir Master lover. In the video, she was allegedly seen having sex with the Choir master lover in a Jacuzzi in her matrimonial home.

She had allegedly accompanied the video and nude photos and sex video with some flirty words for the lover, but had mistakenly sent it to her husband instead. The mistake cost her, her life.


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