GES Shifts Blame Of Dwiraman SHS Student Death On Distraught Parents

The Ghana Education Service has returned “back to sender” blame on teachers the death of 21-year-old student of the Dwiraman Senior High School in the Nzema East district of the Western Region.

In a statement, the GES absolved teachers of the school who are accused of forcing the boy to remain on campus even after he had developed COVID-19-like symptoms saying the parents of the child were fully in charge of his accommodation.

“Management of GES wishes to state that the Dwiraman SHS is an E-Block Community Day School. However, some parents, including the parents of the deceased have hired their own private hostel for their wards where they reside and commute to and from school on daily basis. Such hostels are run by private individuals and not the school authorities,” the statement said.

It comes in response to blame that the bereaved mother, Mena Adjoa Esson, has been heaping on the teachers who reportedly, refused to allow Nathaniel to leave campus for proper treatment at home even when his symptoms worsened.

In a heart-wrenching lamentation, the distraught mother demanded that the teachers bring back her dead son to her. “The teachers have killed my child, these teachers should go and bring me my son,” she wailed in Fante.

However, according to the GES, teachers are not to blame for the tragedy as the mother, rather than the boy’s educators was the one who was in control of the boy’s life on campus.

“Master Nathaniel Yankey left the school hostel to his parents’ house when he felt unwell last Friday and the school was notified…Management of GES wishes to assure that all efforts are being made to ensure that the students are safe,” the GES wrote in what has been described as an insensitive statement.

The claim is in spite of the fact that the government has virtually held final year SHS students hostage on campuses, with some of them nearing nervous breakdown as a result of the ravage of Covid-19 on campus.

Master Nathaniel who had died just hours after going under a ventilator, following his bold escape from campus where he was only being given paracetamol, died barely two weeks after another student at the KNUST SHS also suddenly died after complaining of stomach ache.

The GES has also parried blame over the death of the KNUST SHS student.


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