Organs Of Covid-19 Bodies Being Harvested At Hospitals

It has emerged that body parts of people who supposedly die of Covid-19 in Ghanaian hospitals are being harvested.

Families who have insisted on inspecting the mortal remains of their loved ones against tight regulations by the government to have such bodies buried strictly in unmarked graves by Environmental Health officers have found out to their shock that these bodies are severely mutilated.

Vital organs which have supposedly been contaminated by the deadly virus are also found missing.

Currently, there is a video footage of one such discovery by a family circulating on social media.

Apparently, the family had gone to the mortuary to mourn their deceased, supposedly from Covid-19 and had managed to force the authorities involved to open the body bag in which their deceased was stuffed.

The first person who realized that body parts are missing raised an alarm that called attention to the spectacle, leading to the rest of the family members racing to have a look.

As the cries of laments increased, some angry members of the family started giving warning shots.

The discoveries have dangled question marks over the government’s arrangement for supposed Covid-19 corpses to be buried in unmarked graves, strictly by environmental health professionals, without the opportunity for family members to pay their last respects.

Now, the emerging sentiment is that a body part harvesting black market of sorts has developed at the hospitals and that perpetrators are using the Covid-19 as cover to murder or hasten the deaths of people to harvest their body parts at the.


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