Minister Blames God Over Rain-Washed Rail Lines


Railways Minister, Joe Ghartey, is shifting blame to God after a downpour washed off rail lines that were recently laid by the Ghana Railway Company, by rains.

According to him public outcry that shoddy works on the rail lines is the reason they were so easily washed off in Monday’s rain, is a misplacement of blame and that the destruction was an act of God.

“This was a natural disaster. It is an act of God. The rains were not normal and affected the rail. But the response from Ghana Railway Company was impressive,” Joe Ghartey said.

The rails had been laid recently as part of rehabilitation works on some old lines by the Ghana Railway company which is a key state company under Ghartey’s Ministry.

The Minister also runs away from public blame over the shoddiness of the recent rehabilitation works by saying the rail lines are very old ones that were laid in 1911.

“I don’t think a shoddy work was done. The work was done by the Ghana Railway Company. As I said, the rail is not new. I don’t think a shoddy work was done. The Ghana Railway Company has done great jobs in the past so I don’t think a shoddy was done.”

The Railway Company, he said, embarked on a campaign from last year to have all old rail lines rehabilitated after a very long time of non rehabilitation.


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