Kidi Is Too Big A Brand To Be Disrespected In Such A Manner – KOBBY KYEI Jabs Accra FM

Entertainment and Lifestyle Blogger Kobby Kyei has criticized Accra FM’s presenter Nana Romeo, over his treatment of highlife artiste Kidi. An incident, which went viral on social media this week, saw Kidi confronted on live radio for coming late to the program.

The presenter, who felt disrespected by the artist’s lateness to the show, strong-armed Kidi into apologizing on the show and then refused to conduct the rest of the interview since this was the second time he had come in late to the same radio show.

Speaking to Jay Foley on Joy Prime’s morning show, Kobby Kyei said that although he understands the need to set an example to discourage lateness in the future, Kidi’s brand is too big to be used as the scapegoat in sending such a message.

“It was right for Nana Romeo to address KiDi’s lateness because I’m sure that if KiDi was invited for an interview in the states he wouldn’t have been late. The excuse for being stuck in traffic isn’t valid. Getting to a place earlier than the scheduled time even makes you prepare ahead of time, it’s comforting. He said, defending the presented.

He however added; “It was a second time so I think it’s high time we condemn that act. For me, I’m just sad that they used KiDi as a scapegoat. It should’ve happened to one of these up-and-coming artists. That would’ve been forgivable, but KiDi is a big brand.”

Kobby Kyei argues that incidents like this will serve as a deterrent to others who are fond of going to interviews late.



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