Salomon Kalou suspended by Hertha BSC for breaking social distancing measures

Hertha BSC have suspended Salomon Kalou, after the forward posted a video of himself appearing to breach social distancing measures.

Kalou posted a video of himself on Facebook shaking hands and bumping fists with his Hertha teammates and interrupting another during their medical check-up.

The Bundesliga had been hoping to return this month after a proposal was put together with the inclusion of strict hygiene measures.

Hertha released a statement on the club website that read: “With the video from the cabin, Salomon Kalou violated fundamental team internal rules and showed behaviour that is neither appropriate to the situation nor corresponds to the rules of conduct of the club.

“Hertha BSC has therefore decided to suspend him from training and game operations with immediate effect.”

Hertha manager Michael Preetz said: “With his video, Salomon Kalou not only caused a great deal of damage to Hertha BSC, but above all in the current social discussion about the resumption of play and the role of professional football, it gives the impression that individual players do not take corona seriously.

“However, I would like to expressly emphasise that we have drawn everyone’s attention to the hygiene and distance rules and ensure that they are strictly observed.

“We are clearly guided by the provisions of the health authority responsible for us and the recommendations of the RKI by Salomon Kalou, especially since he is a well deserved and experienced player, but the extent of the misconduct requires consistent action. “

Kalou, who had made five Bundesliga appearances prior to the suspension of football, issued an apology via the club website.

“I am sorry if I gave the impression that I am not taking Corona seriously,” the former Chelsea man said. “I apologise for this. The opposite is the case, because I am especially worried about the people in Africa, because the medical care there is nowhere near as good as in Germany.

“I didn’t really think and was happy that our tests they were all negative and I also want to join the ones in the video.

“Apologies to those who didn’t know that I was broadcasting live and who I didn’t want to put myself in such a situation.”

In the video, players also appeared to be complaining about receiving a salary cut during the pandemic.

Regarding the wage matter, Hertha added: “The discussion on the waiver of partial salaries of license players at Hertha BSC arose from incorrect accounting.

“These have now been corrected. The basic measure was discussed with everyone in open coordination talks and supported by all players.

“There were no critical voices there. On the contrary, everyone welcomed this measure.”



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