The Member of Parliament for Ayawaso North Constituency, Hon. Yussif Jajah has issued a rejoinder through his communication team member “Nunbilla Hafiz Wuratey”, Hon. Hafiz doubles as an assembly member for Sawaba electoral Area under the same municipal responds to Municipal Chief Executive, Hon.  Mohammed Aminu Zakaria’s press statement on his facebook handle and writes.

I just read a statement purported to be coming from the communication Directorate of the Ayawaso North Municipal Chief Executive.

Ordinarily, I should not be talking about that statement. Not only is everything in that statement misleading, it is also trivial, lacks coherence and must be treated with the contempt it deserves.

We are not in normal times as a country, and so the Member of Parliament, Hon Jajah has been engaging his constituents and educating them about COVID19 and the need for them to stay safe. He will later today distribute some Hand sanitizers to some section of the constituency.

Let no one think, that the Member of Parliament will, in this worrying times engage in any political chicanery. That will be the height of insensitivity.

In that statement, a claim is made that what Hon.  Jajah said on the floor of parliament about the exclusion of Ayawaso North and East in the Ayawaso roads project is false. But the writer failed to prove the falsehood in what the Hon. member said on the floor. No serious statement comes in this form and shape.

We are also told in the statement that Hon. Jajah should have checked from the Municipal Assembly. For God’s sake, the minister presented a list of roads to be constructed to parliament. Under the Ayawaso roads, East and north Ayawaso roads were conspicuously missing. So as a member of parliament for the area, he did the needful and it yielded results.

At no point in time can we argue that the project is not from government. It is a government project. We pay tax and deserve it. But the fact remains that, but for the vigilance of the Member of Parliament, we would have been excluded from the Ayawaso roads.

This is essentially the point that must be noted.



Our attention has been drawn to a video which in our estimation was a recording from a debate on the floor of parliament in which our Member of Parliament was displaying the fact that he had no knowledge of the conclusive arrangements made so far to fix our roads. On behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon.  M. Z, we wish to inform all members, supporters, and sympathizers of the Ayawaso North Municipality home and abroad, in particular, and the Ghanaian public, in general, that the statements as pronounced by the MP in the video does not represent the reality on the ground.

Those statements by Hon. Yussif Jajah in the video are false.

Those statements are malicious, as they seek to derail the successes we have made so far with the support of H.E the president. Therefore, they should be disregarded. In fact, it should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

As he was rightly corrected and cautioned by the able and hardworking Road Minister, Hon. Kwasi Amoako Atta; he shouldn’t inflame passions and mislead the honourable house. And that if he wants to know the various facilities for various constituencies and areas, he should contact the road ministry and he would be briefed.

Indeed, Hon. Yussif  should have sought clarification from the office of MCE before going on that misleading and disruptive path.

For the avoidance of doubt, the honourable MCE, Hon. M. Z. and the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Alhaji Manaf Mohammed Osmanu Alidu, met the Minister for Roads at the office of H. E. the first lady to lobby for our roads to be asphalted. This was followed by another meeting with the road minister at his office on the same subject matter. Subsequently, the Works Committee Chairman as well as the Justice & Security Chairman of ANMA were briefed. A letter was then written to the road minister on 13th March, 2020 on his request listing all our municipal roads that needs urgent attention. These roads include Osu Ashanti Street, 1st Maamobi Link, 2nd Maamobi Link, Sorse Street, Abavana Street, Alakroba Street, Theodosia Okoh Street, Alaweiya Street, Alojo High Street, Marcus Street, Odoitso Street, Nii Sentse Street, S.C Nortey Street, Odonko Street, Chief Chamber Street, Obaakrowa Close, among others.

It therefore came to us as a surprise that our Member of Parliament would go to that extent on the floor of Parliament at a time when frantic efforts have been made already to fix our roads which have been in a deplorable state for over two decades.

H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is indeed working for the betterment of all Ghanaians, and we in the Ayawaso North Municipality will not be an exception. We need to give him 4 more years to do more.


Communication Directorate

Office of the MCE


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