Minority Walk Out Of Parliamentary Discussion On Corporate Insolvency Bill

The Minority in Parliament this morning staged a walkout while the House was discussing the Corporate Insolvency Bill.

Minority Chief Whip, Muntak Mubarak, who had instigated the walkout had accused the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Prof. Mike Ocquaye of lawlessness before walking out on the discussion.

He was soon after that followed by other MPs on t6he Minority side.

Apparently, the Chief Whip had been deliberately ignored by the Speaker of Parliament when he motioned to be given the floor to speak. The silent treatment angered Muntaka who resorted to interloping anybody who was given the floor to speak.

Eventually, his voice carried and he was heard saying that there was no quorum in the august House.

After pointing this out, he accused the Speaker of lawlessness by allowing the meeting to go on.

He also said Rt. Hon. Ocquaye’s action was “shameful” before storming out of the Chamber. He was soon followed out by other Minority MPs.

Majority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, described the development as unfortunate. However, the House went on with the discussion in spite of the fact that there just about 30 MPs in the Chamber.


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