Zongo artistes divide over a cypher

Confusion hits Ghana Zongo Music members after the release of the debut music cypher “GZM cypher”.

Ghana Zongo Music is a collection of older, new and up-and-coming music talents across Ghana, which is geared towards promoting, guiding, mentoring, and networking each other to the top. The group president who doubles as the founder of the defunct legendary musical group VIP “Friction”, Viced by Zeal of the VVIP and many heavyweights in Ghana Music industry founded the group.

The division comes as some of its members feels disrespected, unfair treatment and pretends among others in the whatsapp group.  The most anticipated cypher that heralded the grand introduction of the group into the Ghanaian music scene is still struggling to survive.

The walked away members was caught recording a diss song to counter the other cypher under the theme “Ghana Zongo Cypher” versers “Ghana Zongo Music Cypher”. Apparently some of the walked away members featured on the original cypher.



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