Charred Remains From Kintampo Road Carnage May Suffer Mass Burial-Kintampo MCE

As the death toll from the Monday dawn gory accident on the Kintampo-Tamale highway tallies up, the Municipal Chief Executive for the area is fearful that the Assembly may be forced to repeat a mass burial that it undertook last year after a similar accident.

Michael Sarkodie Baffour expressed concern today that the charred nature of the bodies of the victims makes it impossible to identify them and that unless family members turn up and help identify the victims, the Assembly may have no choice but to pack them into an unmarked grave.

“We don’t have any option except to may be find out from the medical people if they have a way by which they can decipher one body from the other, otherwise we will have no option left to us than to visit what happened, unfortunately last year, mass burial and its quite unfortunate,” Hon. Baffour said.

He said the Assembly would hold on for as long as possible for family members of the victims to turn up and help with identification but if that does not happen the Assembly will have no option but to do the mass burial.

So far, the death toll from the accident has tallied up to 30, with the victims mostly burnt beyond recognition.

The incineration resulted from the Yutong Grandbird bus and the Sprinter, catching fire after the fatal head-on collision.

The Sprinter’s registration number has been stated as AS 1801-18. the Yutong Bus’ number on the other hand is not known because the fire from the accident burnt it beyond recognition.

The Munispal Ambulance office has reported that it managed to save six people out of the total number of passengers on both the Yutong bus and the Sprinter. One escaped unhurt but the other five who had suffered various degrees of injury have since been admitted to the Kintampo Municipal hospital.

According to local reports, the Yutong bus may have veered off its lane while trying to overtake another vehicle but ended up crashing into the sprinter bus.


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