UG Medical Centre Gets Fresh Breadth -After three years of Neglect

After some three years of total neglect, the University of Ghana (UG) and government have agreed on ownership for the multi-million dollar UG Medical Centre (UGMC).

Per the latest agreement between the two parties, the Ghanaian government will take 60 per cent shares of the facility with the University reserving 40.

The protracted impasse over ownership had virtually left the health facility rotting away, despite being completed for use.

Addressing the government assurances committee at the health centre today, Friday, February 7, 2020, the CEO for the facility Dr. Darius Osei disclosed the hospital will be fully operational in 2021.

“The ownership composition is the government is having 60% shares and the university is having 40% shares. There is supposed to be a board where the university will provide 5 members and the government will have six members. I’m sure there will be a legislative instrument that will provide the composition of the membership here so than not anybody can be on the board”.

The $217 million University of Ghana medical centre which was constructed by the Mahama administration has not been operational. A tussle between the University Authorities and the Ministry of health over who has the right to manage the facility has prevented the health facility to be used for several years now.

According to the profile of the 650-bed hospital, it is the first of its kind in West Africa and second to only a few hospitals in South Africa. The then Government secured a loan facility from Harpo Alim Bank of Israel for the project.


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