National Security Operative’s Killer Still In Police Grips

The man who killed a National Security operative Wednesday night is till in the grips of the Anyah Police after he was rescued from the clutches of a mob and led away by the cops.

It is almost certain that Emmanuel Gyeabour will be charged with murder for knifing Abdul Mumuni to death over a funeral donation but people close to him are anxious that he is not being granted bail to enable him prepare a defense.

Gyeabour did the stabbing after an argument had broken between him and Mumuni following accusation that Mumuni had not contributed his widow’s mite over his friend’s bereavement.

The argument quickly degenerated into blows and Gyeabour did not hesitate to fall on his weapong. It is not clear if he had carried the knife specifically for a planned attack.

His dastardly action had angered a mob which had descended on him, however, he was rescued by law abiding citizens and handed over to the Anyah Police who led him away.

WhatsUp News understands that he is still in custody.


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