JUSAG Declares Strike

The Judicial Service Association of Ghana (JUSAG) has declared an indefinite strike to press home for demands for the salary of Judicial staff to be reviewed.

A statement signed by the Association’s President, Alex Nartey, said the strike action is a last resort after meetings with government had failed to resolve the issues involved in the matter.

“Following our letter issued on 1st November, 2019, giving notice of our intended strike action regarding the demand for the salary review/negotiations of staff of the Judicial Service, there have been numerous meetings with Management and National Labor Commission.

“The leadership of JUSAG had also requested for the report emanating from the Committee set up by the Judicial Council. Unfortunately, we haven’t copies of said report upon several demands.

“After our meeting with the National Labor Commission on 11th November, 2019, the leadership of JUSAG had a meeting with our regional executives and our rank and file. They resolved that since we have already complied with the procedures, under the 1992 Constitution regarding our conditions of service, we should proceed accordingly.

“In view of the above, the leadership of JUSAG is left with no option than to declare an indefinite strike action to demanding assenting and implementation of the Judicial Council Committee’s report that:

“No staff/member of JUSGA shall report to work on Wednesday 13th November, 2019; that until the implementation of the Judicial Council Committee’s report, no staff/member of JUSGA shall report to work,” te statement said among other things.

Before this declaration, JUSAG had complained that a salary review that is due for staff of the Judicial Service had been overlooked by Government. Per standard arrangement, salaries are supposed to be reviewed every two years. The last time that a review happened was in 2017.


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