Calls for the Head of Bank of Ghana Boss Intensifies -Group wants him jailed for GH¢14b financial loss to the state

The leader of a US-based Ghanaian diaspora organisation named Diaspora Progressive Movement, Dr. Lawerence Appiah is asking for the prosecution and jailing of Dr. Ernest Addison, the Governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG) for causing an astounding GHC 14 billion in financial losses to the state when he supervised Ghana’s biggest banking crisis ever.

Dr. Appiah in a statement said the BoG boss caused the huge financial loss in his bid to clean the financial sector which led to the collapse of over 350 banks and other financial institutions.

 “Any government that comes after 2020 should be prepared to take the Governor of Bank of Ghana, Mr Ernest Addison (brother of Philip Addison) to court. Any Judge that trials Ernest Addison should be prepared to put him in jail by the law. That should serve as a lesson to him for being gross incompetent and causing financial loss of over GHC 14 Billion.” – He said  “Ernest Addison, through his incompetence, has collapsed over 30 banks and Savings Loans, made over 4000 people jobless, of which about 25 are known to have died as a result. He spent over GHC14 billion to do what a competent person could have used less and still kept those banks running and that would have kept over 4,000 people still working. There is no justification for the next government in 2021 to keep Ernest Addison as the Governor of Bank of Ghana. He doesn’t only have to be unemployed, he also needs to taste the fresh air blowing in Nsawam. The economic damage he has done to this country is too much and unacceptable,” Dr. Appiah Charged.


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