All Night Rains Flood University Of Cape Coast

Academic activities at the University of Cape Coast were canceled today after several hours of heavy rains left the campus of the school flooded.

The rains which had had fallen from 10pm on Tuesday night, to the early hours of Wednesday, flooded the UCC campus, the University’s college town and areas within the catchments area of the school.

Some students were also marooned in their hostels by flood waters while many who could leave their hostels were cut off from the lecture halls.

The floods constrained the authorities to cancel academic work for the day. Other activities canceled included quizzes that had been scheduled for today.

Official cancellation of academic work had been communicated by the Directorate of Academic Affairs which urged students to stay safe.

The Students Representative Council later also released a statement urging students to abandon academic schedules and stay indoors, whether at home or at their hostels.

Today’s flooding of the UCC follows closely on the heels of the flooding of parts of the national capital, Accra, yesterday. In Accra’s version of the deluge, the Motorway had been one of the places that were overwhelmed by rushing rain waters.

Weeks earlier, a number of people had lost their lives in the Upper West region when heavy rains flooded towns in the region. The country has been suffering a wave of floods from marathon rainfalls that are quite uncharacteristic of October. Many have attributed the unusual rain pattern to climate change. However, the Ghana Meteorological Agency has dismissed that analysis saying it is just a climate variation that occurs in a six year cycle loop.


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