Plot Thickens Around NPP’s Reported Asutuare Vigilante Training

Alban Sumana Bagbin, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament has confirmed that there are indeed men suspected to be part of the ruling party’s vigilante groups being trained at the Military training facility at Asutuare.

In an Interview with Accra-based Joy News, he said: “I have personally done some investigations into it and it is true [that the NPP is training vigilante groups]. It is very very true. They are not National Security operatives. They are NPP operatives.”“There is no secret in the world, NPP people must know that.

They must know that some of the people doing the training are not happy… They don’t think that is proper to go and visit that kind of harm and mayhem and their brothers and sisters who might not agree with them on political sides they belong to,” the Nadwoli Member of Parliament for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) hinted that insiders have been talking.A few weeks ago, pictures of old and out-of-shape men were seen being trained by military officers in an obvious military installation. Whatsup News sources confirmed the training. A few days ago, ex-President Mahama also confirmed the clandestine training.However, the Deputy Director of Public Relations of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Commander Andy La-Anyane insists there is no such training happening.“There can be no such evidence from Asutuare because it not true.

Whatever pictures or videos they claim to have cannot be from our facilities. Let them provide it. I can assure you it is not true”, said Commander La-Anyane.His views corresponds interestingly with those of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) which rubbished the allegations.“For the attention of Candidate Mahama, the nation has moved beyond scare tactics about election violence.

If he has any substance, he should resort to the rule of law and use the institutions available. We also admonish Mahama and his followers not to resort to cooking up and spreading false materials on social media as they have done in recent times in their attempt to mislead the good people of Ghana. As has been proven, that will soon be found out as false,” a statement from the NPP read.

The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide confirmed today on Accra-based Peace FM that there is indeed an unconventional training going on but is not for arms and that the recruits would be posted to the ports in Ghana. This defence raises more questions than answers as port security officers are not trained in tactical weapon handling.However, evidence in the past have proven that the NPP is indeed having a group of para-military groups that have been used to infiltrate the National Security Service as evidenced in the infamous Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections and the findings from the Emile Short Commission of enquiry.

Also, the ruling party had been exposed for granting concessions to a group of militia group that had been training in a high-profile government building-the former Presidential Palace at the Christianburg Castle in OsuMeanwhile, Whatsup News sources and Alban Bagbin have confirmed discomfort among the ranks of Ghanaian soldiers. “…they [the NPP] must know that the people training them are themselves worried,” According to Mr. Bagbin, soldiers are worried because the vigilantes being trained to use sophisticated weapons may become a handful for them if violence should escalate. “You are even endangering the armed forces!” Bagbin said.


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