GES Assures Of A Back-Up Plan For SHS Students Computer Placement

GES Assures Of A Back-Up Plan For SHS Students Computer Placement

The Ghana Education Service has assured that it has a back-up plan for the over 27,000 Junior High School students qualified for placements into SHS who have been missed by the Computer School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS).

Cassandra Twum Ampofo, Public Relations Officer of the GES, says those who find themselves unplaced would just have to go on the CSSPS placement portals and follow directions.

Among other solutions, she said, those who fall out of all their five school choices will be given the option for self placement.
GES also has set up solution centers in all the regions to attend to students with needs for assistance.

A total of 517,000 BECE graduates are qualified for placement into the various Senior High Schools. However, after the CSSPS placements opened yesterday 490,000 out of the number have been placed.

This means that some 27,000 of the qualified students are potentially stranded. However, the GES PRO says that there are arrangements to easily cater to the needs of these unplaced students.

In an interview, she said that this year’s placements have been very smooth compared to past ones as most of the students had chosen schools in their catchments areas and this leaves ample room for the Service to easily resolve other teething issues.

According to her, the smooth development implies that sensitization by the GES went very well.

She urged all unplaced students to go on the CSSPS portal and follow steps that have been outlined to resolve any placement issues.


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