Kevin Taylor Vows To Humble Ken Agyapong In USA Court

-Over their defamation tussle.

Chief Executive Officer of Loud Silence Media (LSM) Kevin Taylor, has expressed gladness over the latest defamation suit slapped on him by the Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong in a US court.

Appearing on the latest edition of his show, “With All Due Respect” to respond to Mr. Agyapong’s US$9.5million suit against him in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Kevin Taylor advised the MP to ready himself for a long haul, saying he should make arrangements to stay over in the US.

He also asks for the MP to remain in the US so that they can go to court as soon as possible and finish with the case quickly, vowing to bring the MP to his knees.

Taylor pointed out that the case is a libel case and therefore the MP will have to prove himself, warning that, unlike Ghana, where the political class had virtually captured the judiciary, the courts in the US are hard to compromise.

 the law works and that he will expose Ken Agyapong badly.

In a 15-page document filed in the US, Ken Agyapong claimed Kevin Taylor has made a series of “false and defamatory statements in a series of videos and an email correspondence published by Defendants (Kevin Taylor and Loud Silence Media) via Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms about Plaintiff”

Kevin Taylor, and his LSM, he said, had on several occasions referred to him as a “murderer, drug dealer, and drug addict, thief, and green card fraudster”.

“The factual background given in support of the action states among others that the defendants till date continue to repeat these false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff on their social media platforms, while other news outlets or platforms have also shared or republished the Defendants’ false statements,” Agyapong’s suit read.

Ken Agyapong is seeking seven (7) reliefs from the Virginia court, including an injunction prohibiting Kevin Taylor and his organization from posting on any media outlet any further defamatory remarks and an apology from the latter.

The suit was filed on his behalf by his lawyers, Robert Powers and Steven Anderson of Mcclanahan Powers, PLLC and Christian Kwabena Ansah of the Ansah Law Firm, Washington DC.

Interestingly, while claiming he has been defamed, Ken Agyapong is facing approximately 10 major defamation suits against him in Ghana. It is therefore unclear how he will extricate himself and make a strong case for himself in the USA.


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