Korlebu Mortuary Not For Sale – PRO

The Public Relations Officer of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Mustapha Salifu, has reportedly debunked reports that the hospital is looking at privatizing its Mortuary unit.

In response to speculations that the hospital wants to give a 70% stake in the mortuary to a private company, he said Korle Bu does not intend to do that but reportedly disclosed that it had only been approached by a private company that wishes to offer services that the mortuary currently does not offer.

The move would rather enhance the bouquet of services that the KORLE Bu Mortuary offers.

“Yes, we have received a proposal like that sometimes in 2019 or 2020 which is supposed to provide services that are not currently being provided, it will be independent of services we provide. But we are not privatizing the existing Mortuary,” the PRO explains.

“To say we are privatizing the Mortuary is not true. The old one will run while the proposed one will provide services that we are not currently available. The proposal is under consideration, “Mr. Salifu said.

The response comes in the wake of reports that Ghana’s premier teaching hospital is privatizing its mortuary.

According to the reports, the supposed privatization will lead to mortuary workers at the hospital losing their jobs. 

News reports have also suggested that the private company in question has already been given land belonging to the hospital to build a new mortuary as part of the deal.


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