National Security Chasing Inciters Of Konkomba, Nanumba, Dagomba Tribal War On Social Media

Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, has said that National Security is on the tail of social media commentators who have been inciting a tribal war among the Konkomba, Nanumba and Dagomba in the Northern Northern Region.

He made this known while visiting the Ya Naa at the GbewaaPalace in Yendi.

“Henceforth, anybody or group of person’s whose publications, discussions or commentary on the subject matter will seek to influence a possible conflict will be severely dealt with,” Mr. Nitiwul noted.

He added that,  “Konkombas, Dagombas and Nanumbas are brothers and have lived peacefully over the years and so any attempt to distract the peace among these people will be fiercely resisted.”

According to reports, some social media commentator have been inciting a tribal war with inflammatory language online.

It is not clear which exact platforms have been used for the devil advocacy.

Government’s jolting reaction over the incitements is against a backdrop of the so called guinea fowl war of 1994 in which the Konkomba, Nawuri, Nchumuru, and Basare tribes, had fought the Nanumba, Dagomba and Gonja tribes over disputed land.

At least 1000 people were killed during the conflict, while 150,000 people were displaced.

The reported incitements is also coming just after Dagbonfinally settled its 30 year old regicidal dispute.


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