Tidal Waves Invade Houses In Ketu South

The people of various communities in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region have found themselves at the mercy of tidal waves on Sunday dawn.

Rushing seawater invaded about 35 households at Adina displacing about 219 people.

Provisional data shows about 304 people from 34 households in the Amutinu and Salakope communities were also hit.

The force majeure also affected a yet-to-be-determined number of people from 72 households in Agavedzi, on Saturday morning and Sunday dawn.

According to reports, the tidal waves eroded the ridges and levelled the remaining sand dunes which enabled the sea to freely flow into the Adina community submerging a number of houses.

Community members were seen using generator machines to pump the collected waters and digging trenches through the Denu-Keta Road to divert the waters into the lagoon and gutters according to a report by the GNA.

Meanwhile, officers from the Ghana Police and Ghana National Fire Services along with counterparts from the National Disaster MANAGEMENT Organization (NADMO) have been providing security and help to affected persons.

The Municipal Assembly has also been assessing the situation according to reports.

Ketu South Municipal NADMO Coordinator, Paul Alorssodey, is reported to have said his outfit is working with the Assembly to temporarily relocate the affected persons to a safer ground noting, “so far, we’ve had cases of houses being submerged but no destruction, none suffering harm with some persons having to sleep at homes of family members who were not affected.”

Mr. Maxwell Koffie Lugudor, Municipal Chief Executive for Ketu South, speaking to the GNA, said he was working with other stakeholders to ensure a temporal and safe place was secured for the affected people.

“There’s a place around (an island) but the road leading to that place is muddy. I wish we can clear the whole place and get NADMO tents for them to sleep in even today. I won’t encourage anyone to sleep in the affected homes because anything can happen,” he is quoted as saying.


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