Ghana To Host First Agribusiness Olympics

Ghana is hosting its first-ever Agribusiness Olympics according to the Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana.

A release from the Chamber said the program will be under its auspices and will play host to a gathering of agribusiness industry players, leaders and organizations.

“We are happy to bring under one umbrella CEOs, Directors & Managers, Country Ambassadors, Activists and the diplomatic community involved in the Agriculture Sector. The goal to be achieved is to enable socialization and networking of leaders and other decision-makers across the industry through games to strive together and promote the agribusiness industry as far as the chamber of agribusiness Ghana is concerned,” the release said.

It added, “From the chamber of agribusiness Ghana, we are harnessing the power of collaboration and partnership. This is to serve as a catalyst for greater developments, shared learning & expertise coupled with sustainable growth action with a national focus on the Agribusiness industry.”

The program comes off in November 2021 as a precursor to Ghana’s Annual Farmers Day Celebration, the Chamber said.


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