Kitchen Knife Coup Trial: State’s Main Witness Is A Reported Criminal

Signals from the ongoing treason trial over a supposed plot by some ten people to overthrow the Akufo-Addo government was hit with serious credibility issues when it turned out that its main witness has a dubious background, with a history of forgeries. 

Sergeant Sulle Awarf, the source of the supposed video and audio evidence capturing the accused persons supposedly plotting the coup turned to have lied under oath about his educational background, and may have been a party to a murder in 2020 and is under investigation for the first-degree felony.

The revelations have since stirred up questions as to how a murder suspect who forged his way into the army is not before the court but is enjoying freedom.

By the development, Sergeant Awarf appears to be an agent planted to whip up the coup allegations.

It is unclear why the state is heavily relying on a man whose credibility cannot be guaranteed as its key witness in a serious treasonable crime like coup d’état.

On Tuesday, when defense lawyers argued the admissibility of the evidence from Sergeant Awarf, the court held that the evidence is admissible despite the disputed credibility of the source.

Meanwhile, Defense lawyers have said there are more credibility issues that will be revealed from subsequent court sittings.

Dr. Mac Palm, together with 9 others, are being tried for alleged treason over a supposed plot to overthrow the Akufo-Addo government. They are ACP Benjamin Agordzo, WOll Esther Saan, Col. Samuelk Kojo Gameli, Corporal Sadiq, Lance Corporal Ali, Lance Corporal Akanpewu, Kafui Donyo, a blacksmith and Johanes zikpi.

They are facing treason and abetment charges before a bench of three judges, Justices Hafisatu Amaleboba, George Oppong and Afia Serwaa Asare Botwe who is presiding.

Meanwhile, while giving his evidence in chief, Sergeant Sulle Awarf had claimed that he had been recruited by then Staff Sergeant Esther Saan, now a Warrant Officer Class 2, and other soldiers for the supposed coup.

Sergeant Awarf revealed that he had met Dr. MacPalm when he required an operation in 2020, and the operation required had been the result of a gun wound he had sustained.

The gun wound had resulted from a confrontation in which he had allegedly murdered somebody, and that Dr. MacPalm had operated on him in his house and not at the hospital.

After the operation, he turned himself in and the Police detained him over a murder.


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