I’m Tired Of The Lies – Akufo-Addo Cannot Solve Unemployment Problem … pro-NPP Lawyer

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who is widely perceived to be pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP), has declared the failure of his courage in President Akufo-Addo’s ability to solve the country’s unemployment problems.

Speaking on “Mmra ne abrabo mu nsem”, a program on Wontumi TV, Lawyer Ampaw said the claim by fanatics that Mr. Akufo-Addo has it in him to solve the unemployment problem are only telling “lies” that he is now tired of.

“I am tired of these lies. Nana Addo cannot solve it”, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw bemoaned.

Lawyer Ampaw has often been associated with the NPP based on his perceived bias in favour of the ruling party.  

But five years after Akufo-Addo had breezed into office in 2017 promising to transform the economy in 18 months, the lawyer has lost hope.

According to him, the unemployment conundrum cannot be solved by any one government and therefore it is ear-wasting for fanatics of the government to keep on claiming Akufo-Addo is bringing some sort of Midas touch.

“Look at the number of unemployed graduates who have the skills but yet are still in a queue searching for jobs. Every year, close to twenty thousand graduates are churned out into the system. Where are the jobs? It will never take this government four years to solve this problem. No government is capable of solving this problem. Politicians are using this as a tool to fight for political power. You know very well that no government can solve this problem,” Ampaw stated.


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