#FixTheCountry Demo Rocks Duesseldorf-Germany

-As Group’s third International Protest Add to Tally.

Campaigners of the #FixTheCountry youth movement on Saturday, August 14, 2021, mounted a protest in Duesseldorf-Germany with several scores of Ghanaians brandishing placards in the German city against systemic rot in Ghana.

This is the third international protest that the group has mounted in the past month, with protests held in London and Spain.

The biggest protest of the group was held in Ghana on August 4, 2021, where thousands of Ghanaian youth stormed Accra to register their opposition to the corruption and the skewed Ghanaians constitution.

The group believes the constitution provides loopholes for the political elites in Ghana to engage in corruption and go scot-free.

The group of youngsters disgruntled with the political status quo shot to fame via social media and has struck terror in the hearts of the political actors in the country.

Their Germany protest comes after their massively successful demonstration in Ghana. 

The group has been brutally suppressed by the political authority and the Ghana Police Service from protesting since May 9, 2021, when they issued a comprehensive notice on their intention to protest against two main political orientations that have ruled the country since the beginning of the Fourth Republic.


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