Ghanaian Politicians Seeking Virgins For Election Sacrifice—Priest

Leader of the Capstone Church in Debibi, Brong Ahafo Region, Evangelist Kingsley Asiedu, has warned that there is a vampire outing by some political leaders in Ghana and that their mission is to harvest the blood of virgins for occult sacrifices towards the elections in December.

“Both male and female adolescent blood is highly sought after,” he told his congregation, warning that teenagers in Senior High and Junior High Schools across the country are especially to exercise circumspection lest they be murdered,” the priest said in a controversial sermon today.

“I want us to pray for virgins, both male and female. This is the time that some people have planned to use them for sacrifice. Listen, if you are a girl and you are a virgin and you are a student. If you are in school and you are invited to be prayed for, do not go.”

 According to the priest, some of the leaders will send fake Pastors working for them to lure the unsuspecting, impressionable teenagers to their destruction if they are not careful.

“ I hear the voice, some of the leaders of the country will send fake priests to the various schools to supposedly go and pray. If you fall for their invitation and you are a virgin, they will either destroy you or kill you. I hear the voice,” he warned as he tasked parents to be extra vigilant for their wards.

 “ They want to use virgins for sacrifices. From now till we vote (in December), all parents and caregivers should be extra careful. Share this video when you receive it. They will use some of the friends of the students who are witches; they will use them to destroy you. be careful.”


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