Whatsup News has intercepted an exclusive audio recording reported to be that of Daniel Asiedu “Sexy Don Don”, the alleged assassin of the late New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, J.B Danquah-Adu.

J.B Danquah was murdered in cold blood almost four years ago and the trail of his alleged killers have been locked in a curious shroud of conspiracy. Daniel Asiedu had named several politicians as accomplices. However, the name that stands out is that of Kennedy Agyapong, the NPP Member of Parliament for Assin Central.

Below is a verbatim transcription of the tape recording given to Whatsup News by inside sources. The location and date of the recording are unknown: 

“…Paapa [the name of the person he was recounting the incident to] I was wearing a Soldier Khaki shorts, I took the knife and he [ ] asked me to join his White Pick-up and then dropped me off at the man [J.B Danquah]’s house. As we were passing by all the security officers, they knew it was because of him […], so nobody stopped the car until we came to a stop in front of the man’s [J.B Danquah’s] house. I was wearing military shorts and a brown top. The knife was on my side pocket.”

“The security man opened the door for me to enter [J.B Danquah’s house]. When I entered, I went through two main gates and ascended the staircase. The staircase was spiral, so I climbed to the top and the woman [Ivy Heward Mills] met me at the entrance of another room. I then asked her where the man [J.B Danquah] was, she pointed out the room to me and opened the door for me. He [J.B Danquah] was laying down on the bed-I appears he has just returned from work and was tired. There were bags of money on the floor and his phone was beside him on the bed.”

“They [those who contracted him for the assassination] told me not to take any money, I should only take the phone. I agreed. When the woman opened the door and I entered, it appeared the man [J.B Danquah was alerted and was terrified. He started asking me: ‘what do you want, who sent you?’ He told me to ask whatever amount I wanted and he will give me. I said no, nobody sent me, and that I came for his life. He immediately rushed at me [after he realised Daniel Asiedu did not want to negotiate].”

He grabbed me in a bear-hug. He is big and tall so he held me facing him. I struggled to pull out the knife from my side pocket. While I was pulling out the knife, I had a cut. I will send you the picture right now [he was telling his interviewer]. I pulled out the knife and stabbed him in the ribs. The pain forced him to release me from the grip. This allowed me to stab him again in his neck-on the right side of his neck. From there I had the chance to move behind him and strangled him. He bled till he got weak and slumped in front of his bed.”

“Breathlessly, he started asking me weakly ‘who sent you, save me, who sent you, I will give you money. Look at the money on the floor, take it, what do you want. Please help me, save me, what do you want?’ As this scene unfolded, I noticed that his security officers in the company opposite the man’s house and some other people were watching. I suppose, a scene was created as I struggled with him [J.B Danquah], so I opened the window slightly to ascertain if nobody saw me. I saw people peering through the window, so I quickly closed the window blinds and moved towards his bed and slipped out through the door that was opened for me by his wife.”

“In my desperation, I asked his wife where I should escape through…I cannot tell how she got blood onto her nightgown, she may have gone into the room to move the man, or whatever. That, I cannot tell…she told me that the window opposite the soldier’s room is the ideal place to escape through, so I jumped through the window and escaped.”

“Afterwards, I walked to Shiashie and then called Kennedy [Agyapong] to tell him the job was done. He told me, he will personally drive his car to ascertain the execution of the job. That was it. He [Kennedy Agyapong] then drove his car to the scene. He drove the same white pickup that he had initially dropped me in. So, he [Kennedy Agyapong] was the first person on the scene. If he [Kennedy Agyapong] if I am lying, he should call me and let me challenge him. He is the first Minister to see that [J.B Danquah] was dead.”

“… [Kennedy Agyapong] told me the exhibit I took [J.B Danquah’s mobile phone], I should wait, I will be arrested and that when they arrest me, they will ask me who sent me and then I should mention the names of certain people. So, I am sending you the pictures…thank you Paapa…”


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