Concerned Farmers Association Calls For Rural Education On Covid-19

The Concerned Farmers Association of Ghana (CFA) has called on government, to as a matter of urgency deploy agents of public education to rustic communities to enlighten people about the deadly covid-19 disease.

In a statement, the Association said that education on the global pandemic which is claiming lives has not properly gone down in these rural areas where farmers typically live.

“As a matter of urgency the Concern Farmers Association of Ghana is calling on the President and Ministry of Food And Agriculture to increase education about the virus especially in the rural areas to create much awareness rather than putting much fear in the people. 

“In order to make this exercise successful, the Agric Mobile van should be released for public Education in the various farming communities to champion the course,” a statement signed by President, Nana Oboadie Bonsu said.

It announced that the Association is seizing the initiative to start an education campaign but said that assistance from government would make the campaign more effective.

The statement called for the deployment of the law enforcement agents to the various communities to enforce the Presidential ban on public gathering g as it said the ban is not being heeded.

“The Association observed that some communities are still adamant to the President’s directives to avoid social gathering. Therefore, the visibility of the security personnel should be intensified to ensure that all citizens observe the instructions. The community sanitation officers should put effective measures in place to monitor various market places across the country to ensure that food security is assured in the market places . The abattoirs and other places of interest should be kept clean and hygienic.”


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